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Call us: 01256 357993 / 07984 406206
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1. Can you advise on Faculties & Listed Buildings?

Yes we can! We have many years’ experience of working with several Dioceses and we are on their supplier lists.

2. Do we have to pay VAT?

We are registered for VAT therefore we have to invoice you accordingly. However there are VAT Zero Rating rules for the supply and installation of Hearing Loop associated equipment and labour. You may be able to apply for a VAT rebate if you’re a Charity and a Listed Building by applying to the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme, about which we are happy to advise you further.

3. What Guarantees do you offer?

Your installation is guaranteed by Hazelwood Sound & Vision Ltd for a period of 12 months from the date of handover to you. All equipment is supplied with a 12 month guarantee unless otherwise specified. Typically projectors have a longer manufacturer's warranty, with 1 year or 500 hours lamp warranty (whichever comes first). A 90 DAY CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for absolute peace of mind is included in our Project Proposal. If we have not delivered the jointly agreed design and installation that works to your satisfaction within 90 days, then we will remove the installation and equipment and refund ALL the money you have paid us.

4. What After Sales support is available?

After the 12 month project warranty period you have the option of a Maintenance, Advice, Support & Training (MAST) Agreement, which includes free equipment loan in the event of a breakdown. There is also telephone support available for simpler matters that do not require a visit.

5. Can you provides References?

Of course! When your project has reached the final decision stage we are happy to give you names and contact details for you to call or visit as you wish.

6. What are your installation timescales?

Typically we need about 2-3 weeks’ notice after you make a decision to proceed AND you have the relevant approvals in place.

7. Are there Terms & Conditions of sale that we need to know about?

Yes, these are Project Proposal specific as well as our general Terms & Conditions of Sale, both of which are sent to you with our final proposal.