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'Magic Screen' AV Installation

A request for a new vision system at Christ Church Guildford led to a "magic" solution!

The problem was how to replace an old hinge down screen, manual set-up and alignment of a projector, trailing cables and lack of input source switching had vexed the church for years.

With no Chancel arch the key issue was where to hide a replacement projector and screen? Hazelwood Sound & Vision proposed a unique solution – a “Magic” screen that displays High Definition images, yet vanishes in front of your eyes to enable a clear view of the curved Chancel wall and stained glass windows (see split photo right of image).

Church AV Hazelwoods Guildfor With Cross

Several years on and Ian Kenyon, their project manager and church Treasurer, is still very pleased with the result. “It’s proven to be reliable, really simple to use and seamlessly switches large high quality images between four different sources. It can even be used by the minister on his own, driven from his IPad”.

Ian continued “We’ve used Blu-Ray DVDs for church cinema nights and our summer Holiday Club. We’ve streamed videos from the Internet as well which really makes a topic relevant to both younger and older generations. The high level remote control camera is wonderful for relaying baptisms from the back of the church, and from a unique perspective.

We couldn’t manage without it now – we plug in a laptop with one cable and the picture appears on the screen with high quality sound filling the church. All in all it’s really moved our church forward with topical and relevant communications, and we now use it every weekend in services. If we want to hide the screen we just press a button and it instantly disappears”.

How’s it done – well that’s “Magic” for you!

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