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Call us: 01256 357993 / 07984 406206
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Guildford - Visual Upgrade

"Many thanks, you have been so very helpful throughout this very long process and we can't thank you enough for all your expertise.

I was very impressed with the blinds, they work so smoothly and the vertical blinds don't appear to affect the light when they are open at all.  So clever to be able to remotely adjust as well"

Sara Smith


Thatcham - Sound and AV upgrade

"Thanks again for all your hard work this week, we are very pleased with the new installation. Mike and I are very pleased with the end result.

We are particularly pleased with the way all the cabling has been hidden and we still can't believe it all just "works" perfectly, without all the issues and pitfalls of our old system."

Richard Frost


Yiewsley  - Insurance claim

"I’d just like to add my thanks, Graham, for dealing with this for us at short notice, in circumstances which must have caused you some inconvenience.  We’re very grateful for this, and for the really good job you’ve done for us, as ever."

Richard Young


Basingstoke - Sound Upgrade

"We're really pleased with the system, as is the school. The sound is, not surprisingly, a vast improvement on what was there before and in terms of church use it has simplyfied things enormously." 

Michael Smith


East Clandon - Sound Installation

"Thank you for the excellent installation you have provided for us.  It's as you promised at the original proposal and will I’m sure give us good service for many years to come." 

Bruce Tindale


Long Sutton - Sound Installation

"We're very pleased with the quality of your installation and the speakers worked well on last Sunday. Those in the chancel were able to hear clearly what was going on elsewhere in the church - the first time for years!" 

Roger Bright